Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just showing off...

      It's beautiful, it's sunny, and it's Sunday!  There's no better day than this to be lazy and hang around the house.  I thought I would take a few of these lazy moments and post a couple belly pics of the beautiful wife.  If you are the adept facebook user, you are have undoubtedly seen these pics on her profile.  For those who have not, I'm just taking this chance to show off my girls.
      Just below you will notice our other baby, Layla.  We're not sure how she's gonna take to not being the center of attention anymore as she is such a drama queen.  Lately, we've been trying to ween her from getting attention whenever she wants.  Thus, she will go mope, hang her head, grunt and groan, and give the epitome of sad puppy eyes until we give in.  I mean seriously dog?  It must be a hard life when you have your own chair in the living room and a toy bin under the coffee table.  Nevertheless, we think she will be ok.  She will always be apart of our little family and the main bed hog.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Welcome and Prologue

Welcome family, friends, and the curious.  If you haven't heard, we are pregnant!  Very pregnant.  And by we, I mean Robin.  As a husband (and by "the books"), I am to support her emotionally and physically through this time of change in her body and in our lives.  This, is what they consider to be my duties, and in fulfillment of these duties I am now included in the "we" of "we're" pregnant.  All the gentlemen in the crowd, I will tell you now that pregnancy somehow temporarily diminishes the reasoning ability, increases/decreases energy level, and heightens smell, taste, feelings, nerves, and numerous other senses in your beautiful lady.  For example, on our way to Wal-Mart, "John, I'm fat."
"Sweety! Are you kidding? You're not fat.  You're just really pregnant."
"Um...No.  I'm fat. Oh, and thanks for the 'really' part, babe."
"No baby, I just mean..." (We come up on Burger King)
"Oh my gosh! (smelling the air) Do you smell that?"
"Ummm....Yeah, sorry. I forgot deodor...."
"I want a burger!" 
"Oh, ok, awesome.  We'll hit it up after Wal...."
"No, can't make it till then." By this time, I had missed the entrance, thus waiting for traffic to pass to make a U-turn.  I made the U-turn, whipped my four door family sedan/race car around using advanced gas and brake driving tactics, fist-pumped the air at my accomplishment and headed back to the juicy land of char-grilled meat and succulent salty fries.  I now was sharing in her mouth-watering craving for some BK.  I pulled in a parking space with the grace of Earnhardt sliding in his pit.  I was ready, we were ready....I thought.  In the time it took to traverse our way back to fast food meat heaven and park, I was now in wander to my now teary-eyed, non-fat, "not" really pregnant wife.
Concerned, I asked, "Baby? What's wrong?"
"I made you turn all the way around and I'm not even hungry anymore.  I'm just tired and don't feel like doing anything or going anywhere."
(Leaving the parking lot) "Sweety, It's ok.  I promise.  We can just go home so you can rest."
"Ok...Can I have ice cream when we get back?"
"Of course sweety."

All jokes aside, Robin is doing amazing in her/our/whatever pregnancy and has been healthy and beautiful all the way through. We are really excited to start this collaborative project where, with your help and comments, we can create a year in the life of Ava.  We will take a picture every day, non scripted, non staged.  Just a candid timeline of her new life.  We will comment about her trials of each new day and give all of you the ability to keep up with us while we keep up with her in the beginning of our soon to come Ava days.