Friday, December 2, 2011

La Casa de Ava

Hello again.  I am back with some goodies!  Robin and I are now about 5 weeks away from meeting our beautiful girl.  We've come a long way since our wedding day. In a year and a half we managed to move into my mom's house, get jobs, create a baby, move out of Mom's house, move into our own house, unpack, organize (sort of), host Thanksgiving dessert, and do our best to get our house Ava-fied.  Outlet covers? Check.  Childproof drawers? Check.  Baby proof door knobs?  I think not.  Stupid things.  Now, for the million dollar question, decoration of the nursery?  With a fist held high, chest puffed out, and my manly-ness put on hold for 5 seconds, I can exclaim it is pretty much the cutest room ever.  It's been an ongoing process that seems to have taken FOREVER!  We go to work, come home, fluff here, fluff there, move crib here, move crib there, slide crib to the right an inch, slide crib to the left an inch, and viola! It's perfect (and also in the same place it started).  Ava's not even here and we're tired by 7:00p.m.?  Please excuse me.  I believe insomnia is knocking at the door.  Ah yes, please come in and make yourself at home.  I have a feeling you'll be staying awhile.  Funny thing is, as much as Robin and I both love to sleep, we both know we will gladly trade those nights of rest for our wonderful little girl.  "Just wait!" you say.  Yes, yes, I know.  This romanticized paternal feeling will soon pass.  I'm excited; let me have my moment! Now, I did have a reason for this post.  I have some goodies for you.  We have nearly finished the nursery and we wanted to show our fantastic Ava-followers her room thus far. 
We found out that Ava means like a bird.  Like our subtle hint?
Robin did an awesome job finding and painting the letters.

The Lexus of strollers baby!  This thing has off road wheels and a sweet speaker system for those long baby treks.

Already a fashionista.